energy storage system
PowerStack for ESS
ESS(Energy Storage System)?

- A technology for storing electricity in Grid to supply power(energy) where and when it is needed
- The system for enhancing the quality and efficiency of power
- Consists of a large container by combining a battery system(battery+BMS+pack), inverter and power control.


1) Policy Drive of the US
As there is a recent forecast that A123's ESS supply contract and a bill for making the installation of ESS in California mandatory will be passed, there is a growing anticipation for the expansion of ESS business. The battery type ESS uses Lithium Ion and Sulfated Sodium.

2) Essential Device of New & Renewable Energy
In order for the development of new & renewable energy that is greatly affected by weather like solar power or wind power generation, it is essential to have a stable power supply. For this purpose, there is a need for an independent ESS system that can store production power up to a certain extent or supply it to the network.

energy storage system energy storage system
ESS nuclear power plant application model

400v-3000Ah for emergency backup power of nuclear power plant
40ft refrigerated container specification: 11554(L) * 2286(W) * 22216(H)
STB STACK 400V-24Ah (125 units)

energy storage system

* Design and Manufature according to the field of use (Smart Grid, New renewable energy.UPS, etc)

Advantages of ESS

Power Quality Stabilizer Function

Storage and supply of power to ESS in case of imbalance between fluctuating load and irregular power generation of new & renewable energy

Stabilization of Smart Grid Network

Enhancement of equipment life and reduction of maintenance cost of control power generation power

When generation is low compared to contract power, power is supplied from ESS and if there is excessive generation, it is stored in ESS

Minimization of Risk and maximization of profit due to Penalty Hedge of Wind Power Generation provider

Can always supply stable power even when there are drastic changes in natural environment (moved by container vehicle)

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