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STB-A For One-Cell

It enables long time use by finding out characteristics of cell phone, providing battery information to main body, making efficient power management possible and usable time can be forecasted.

STB-A one-Cell
1. It is possible to prevent data loss(communication suspension, cut-off phenomenon of game and electronic payment) caused by rapid power consumption by checking exact current remaining power of battery.
2. Usable time can be extended by setting optimum Power Management condition through communication with main body.
3. It enables maximum charging by checking remaining power until full charging while charging, and charging status can
be checked through monitoring.
4. It can display the remaining level of battery in the unit of minutes or %, not a bar graph. You can accurately predict
the remaining time of use.
5. Extended battery life. If you can check the battery status accurately, you can take advantages of your habit in using a device or 100% charging to prevent a sudden thermalization of the battery and increase the life cycle.
6. Protection circuit function
7. In sleep mode, you can estimate a fine amount of power consumption very accurately.
8. Data storage function ? Battery capacity, remaining level/charging counts, battery types and maker information are
stored in the flash rom(Can update over the internet).
-PCM Size : 34mm X 6.0mm
Product specs
CoreCPU S1C88(MODEL3) CMOS 8-bit core CPU
Internal PROM Capacity 2K bytes
Internal ROM capacity 512 bytes/RAM
I/O Port 6 bits
Interface Serial communication, 1-Line, I2C
Timer Programmable timer (8bit) : 2ch
Watchdog Timer Built-in
A/D Converter Resolution: 10bits, input: external 1ch, internal 2ch
Supply Voltage Normal mode: 2.2V-5.5V
Current Consumption HALT mode: 8
Run (32kHz): 18~ 118(protection circuit) :Swing
Pin Piece 28

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