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The STB research center was started off as private business establishment in Bykhae, 1997. The importance of R&D was never neglected and all the efforts were made to develop technological power. In 1998, we started developing an STB smart battery control IC and in April 2002, we completed development of a hand held smart battery control chip (STB-A) and since then we have been the leader of the battery industry.

At present, all our researchers including the head of the research center are devoted to R&D that reflects all the customers' requests. From now on, we will keep thinking creatively for our customers and achieve an organization with professional technologies aiming at the world's best.

Name : STB Research and Development Center
Research area : Smart Battery Control IC, Micro-Processor Support, UPS กค Power station กค Large capacity Li-ion Battery for New reusable energy
Location : Room 632, 562-3 Gongjang-dong Gyeongin Center, Sipjung-dong, Bupyung-gu, Incheon, Korea
Patents/utility models applied
- Secondary battery level measurement methods and devices: patent No. 0372879
- Secondary battery charging/discharging status display method and devices for portable handsets: patent No. 0534214 (December 1, 2005)


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